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The cat will eat horribly when the mouse is away

The boyfriend layer. We’ve all experienced it. If you haven’t – I hate you. Not really, but I do envy you. You start dating someone new. You eat out all the time. All your dates consist around food. So you put on a few pounds. But who cares?! You’re not single anymore. There is no one to impress. Your man loves you just the way you are.  Occasionally you’ll both attempt to get back into shape. To be the person – body – you were when you first started dating. You’ll look through your Facebook photos and wonder what happened. Typically, he’ll lose 20 lbs like that! And you’ll lose your boobs. Not so hot. But then, you do eventually find a routine that works. You start eating better. Your boyfriend will humor you and play along with your “eating healthy meals”. You even find a workout that works for you. Pre-boyfriend body is just around the corner.

This is my life as of the last 5 months. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years. It’s funny because I didn’t think I was in that great of shape when we started dating. But then I look back at photos from our first dates and I would give up the winning lotto tickets to have that body back. Recently, we started to improve our eating habits and workout. I did really well in the beginning. Thanksgiving. I gave up pop, coffee & alcohol right off the bat. Dropped 10 lbs. Hallelujah! Did a cleanse. Lost a few more pounds. Bought a detox wrap -shed quite a few inches. Started working out with a personal trainer and felt like a new woman. I was on the road to hot bod. Then my trainer moves. Bummer! Working out falls off my radar. No big deal, I’ll figure out a new routine. So, I keep eating healthy. I am feeling better and seeing results.

Insert boyfriend leaves for work. 2 months. Aside from the “eating your feelings” we go on vacation before he leaves. Goodbye healthy diet. Hello, coffee, pop & fast food. Still no alcohol – I can at least feel good about that. 🙂 No big deal I tell myself. I’m on vacation. I’ll eat well again when we get back home. Yah right. We come home and it’s eating out every meal just like we did when we first started dating. He’s leaving for 2 months. We have got to date it up! Again, I tell myself – no big deal. I’ll go grocery shopping when he leaves and start eating healthy again. It’ll be easier because I can get whatever I want and not worry about cooking something he won’t eat. Wrong! So far all I have eaten is junk food. I am a hot mess people! I haven’t cooked a meal at home because it’s impossible to cook a meal for 1. No cookbook tells you how to scale a meal down to a 1 person serving. I’m going to be a whale by the time he comes home. And you wanna know what makes matters worse?! He’s got access to a gym in his hotel for free. You want to guess what he’s doing in his free time?! That’s right, working out. I’m going to pick up super hot stud from the airport looking like… well, not hot.

I need an intervention people. So, tomorrow is the day. No more “no big deals.” I am whipping my ass back into shape. I meet with a new personal trainer on the day after tomorrow and I cannot have fast food, junk food, pop or coffee in my system or I will die. Trust me, either his workout will kill me or he will when I tell him what I’ve been putting into my body. Nice guy but he means business. Which is fine by me because I need a swift kick in the ass to get back into shape. Wish me luck.


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